Uploading Clients

Selecting Upload will open a dialogue box where users can select the file to upload. Format must by Excel 2007 or higher (.xlsx).

You will be notified of

These are clients that are saved, but with some optional fields that are empty

Each row will have a message with the missing information highlighted

This is clients that could not be saved and need to be edited or replaced

You can Download file to be edited to Excel. This file includes an additional column with the errors and warnings in the relevant row so that you can easily find and update the data. This file can be saved locally on your computer, edited and then uploaded again. The message column can be imported as it will be ignored. This upload will overwrite the previous upload.

You will get another notification with the numbers for clients saved successfully, the number of clients with warnings, and the number of errors.

You can continue to download and upload further version until you are happy with the file uploaded. You should ensure that you have 5000 clients saved.