Verifing Analysts

This section allows you to review and approve the individuals (analysts, economists, strategists etc.) at your firm who have received votes.

For each person we have listed the sectors where they have received votes, which we ask you to confirm by selecting the Yes in the column called “Is Covered?”.  The radio button will already be selected if you told us that the analyst covered the sector before polling started. If the radio button is not clicked it is because the analyst received votes for that sector, even though they were not in the type-ahead list.  In that case please confirm if they cover the sector or not. 

Publish name, which will appear in II published rankings, is the registered name or formal name that appears on FINRA, or equivalent registers. Where registries are not available, we use comprehensive searches (google, etc.) and firm confirmation for the analyst’s legal formal name. If the publish name is wrong please use the edit button, update the pop up form, and save.

We ask you to confirm that the analyst was employed at your company at the date specified. The default setting is Yes, the analyst was employed by your firm at that date. If the analyst had left the firm at that date, please change to No. If the analyst left the firm after the specified date, please leave as Yes.

You can edit any analyst entry in several ways:

When all analyst have been approved this section will be marked as completed and you will be able to download the data for your records.