Verifing New Sales Hires

Verify New Sales Hires

This section allows you to add any new sales hires appointed since the time your firm’s sales roster was provided before polling began.

First name, last name, email, phone number and job function are mandatory. Please also add any other names that the salesperson is known by.

Job Function

Please select from this list:

Previous firm

If a salesperson moves to your firm it is important to note their previous firm to ensure that any votes follow them. This also ensure that duplicates are avoided, so their votes are not diluted.

Category or Sector coverage

Clicking on a category or sector will order the names alphabetically A-Z or Z-A.

Please add every category or sector applicable to a salesperson. This will ensure that any votes they get will be counted.

We ask you to confirm that the salesperson was employed at your company at the date specified.

When the form is completed please verify.

When you have added all the new hires at your firm please Submit. When you have confirmed the request this section will be locked and marked as completed. You will be able to download the data for your records.