Verify Salesperson

This section allows you to review and approve the individuals at your firm who have received votes in the sales section.

You can edit any salesperson entry in several ways:

For each person we have listed the Categories where they have received votes, which we ask you to confirm by selecting the Yes in the column called “Is Covered?”. Please confirm if they cover the category or not.

Publish name, is the name that will appear in II published rankings. We ask that formal names, rather than nicknames, be used. Please edit the publish name if it is wrong.

We ask you to confirm that the salesperson was employed at your company at the date specified. The default setting is Yes, the salesperson was employed by your firm at that date. If the person had left the firm before that date, please change to No. If they left the firm after the specified date, please leave as Yes.

When the details have been updated please click the button to approve.

When all salespeople have been approved this section will be marked as completed and you will be able to download the data for your records.