Verifing Team Leaders

This section allows you to check that the correct team leaders are selected for Institutional Investor’s coverage.

Team leader only applies to four sectors:

Please confirm that the information is correct or make changes as needed.

The drop down lists include: the names of analysts provided by your firm as team leaders for the analyst rosters before polling; any analysts from your firm with votes in the sector; analysts claimed from the unaffiliated list who cover the sector; and new analysts added on the new hires form who cover the sector.

Co-leaders are considered to be equal partners and therefore are cited in alphabetical order. A "Select" indicates that your firm has not designated at least one team leader for the sector. It is mandatory to designate at least one team leader. If there is only one team leader please select “Only 1 team leader” from the drop down list.

The "& team" is set to yes, which assumes that there are additional analysts covering that sector. If there are no further analysts covering the sector you must change the selection to no.

If a team leader is not on the drop down lists please click the “Add new team leader” button.  


Add new team Leader

Name is the formal name or name by which the analyst is most easily recognized (i.e. nickname etc.) by the client. Published name (appears in the II published rankings) is the registered name or formal name that appears on FINRA, or equivalent registers. Where registries are not available, we use comprehensive searches (google, etc.) and firm confirmation for the analyst’s legal formal name.


Job Function

Please select from this list:


First name, last name, email, phone number and job function are mandatory.


Previous firm

If an analysts moves to your firm it is important to note their previous firm to ensure that any votes follow them. This also ensure that duplicates are avoided, so their votes are not diluted.


Sector coverage

The team leader check box only applies to four sectors:


We ask you to confirm that the analyst was employed at your company at the date specified.

When the form is completed please approve.  The name should then appear on the drop down list for you to select as a team leader.

When you have added all the team leaders at your firm please Submit. When you have confirmed the request this section will be locked and marked as completed. You will be able to download the data for your records.